1. Ancient bracelets
    Ancient bracelets
    The Bracelet that we're got inspiration from ancient ankle bracelet with the new way of wearing. Add gimmick by using the meaning of charms as basket. Price: Call
  2. The Ancient Symbolic
    The Ancient Symbolic
    Gold Bracelet Price: Call
  3. MAYOM
    Gold Necklace Price: 110,000.-
  4. The Royal Peacock
    The Royal Peacock
    Peacock symbolizes femininity. Its meaning are elegance, wealthiness, adoration and happiness. Its ancient gold craft-work with precious diamonds. Price: 55,000.-
  5. Sunflower
    Filigree Gold Earring Price: 48,000.-
  6. MAYOM
    Gold Bracelet Price: 52,000.-
  7. Ancient Necklace
    Ancient Necklace
    Gold Necklace Price: 115,000.-
  8. Peony
    Peony is one of the most popular flowers among artists from time to time. Also, peony is the symbol of china and symbolizes honor wealthiness. Mostly found in symbolism arts. Price: 39,000.-
  9. The Affection
    The Affection
    Filigree Gold Earring Price: 75,000.-
  10. Cha-Ba flower
    Cha-Ba flower
    Filigree Gold Earring Price: 43,000.-
  11. Sunflower
    Filigree Gold Earring Price: 43,000.-
  12. Tung
    Filigree Gold Earring Price: 45,000.-
  13. Sunflower
    Filigree Gold Pendent Price: Call
  14. Filigree Gold Earring
    Filigree Gold Earring
    Filigree Gold Earring Price: 9,000.-
  15. Butterfly Ring
    Butterfly Ring
    Filigree Gold Ring Price: 11,000.-
  16. Bones Chain
    Bones Chain
    Pink Gold Necklace Price: Call
  17. ลำดวน
    ลำดวน Gold Earring Price: Call
  18. พิกุล ห้อยชาย
    พิกุล ห้อยชาย
    Gold Earring Price: Call